Wiring up extension kit. Boiler doesnt fire up

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Ive been running the old V1 Tado for years without issue, recently the thermostat started playing up so I bought the newer Smart Thermostat starter kit and today I received the extension kit.

I had hoped it would be a simple swap but as always no such luck..

I can control the heating by pressing the extension button twice, the relay clicks and it fires up.

However, if I attempt to fire up the heating using the smart meter OR the Android app nothing happens.

I have attached a photo of the wiring which is as Tado Support told me to do it, I have the link set to No 2 also as I was told.

ALL devices are setup and working in the app.

Does anyone have any ideas on this? Im expecting to wake up cold in the morning :(


  • As expected this morning no heating, the Smart Thermostat has still not updated its firmware even though its been online for 12 hours, using the button on the extension kit has allowed me to heat the house this morning so thats kept the wife off my back.


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