Disable relay when used purely as sensor

I have a number of smart thermostats that I use purely as temperature sensing devices for larger rooms, or those with poor TRV placement. They link back to an extension kit. This works well, but I note that the relay is still powered in these modules even though they are not wired. The resulting click and power consumption is thus unnecessary and could likely be avoided, creating less nighttime distraction and enhancing battery life.


  • That sounds like it might be resolvable in the "magic logic interconnect" that Tado support have to set up (certainly the moment you step away from a "standard" install). Contact support and ask them. While it took them 5 tries over 5 days, they did finally manage to do something I could have done myself in 5 mins during installation (instead of 4 failed install attempts!).
  • jacoscar
    jacoscar ✭✭✭
    I have a smart thermostat whose relay is not in use (I have the extension link); do you mean both the thermostat’s and the extension kit’s relays act at the same time?
  • Germán
    Germán | Admin

    Hello teabot,

    Whenever a new Smart Thermostat is added you will receive an automated email from our system with information about its usage. When this information is provided, we can set the devices accordingly. However, without the information we won't risk and the Smart Thermostats behaviour would remain as active relay by default. Please contact our support with the serial numbers of those devices that are only temperature sensors and we will correct the configuration for you.