For those interested in Tado I believe that it would be good to be able to subscribe to ad-hoc email updates on things Tado related that Tado are open to share with their customers - whether that be firmware updates, hardware updates, press releases or collaborations with other companies etc. 

If there is such an option or something similar, I am not aware of it. It might also be a good tool for Tado to help grow customer loyalty. 

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  • Tado press releases can be found at the following link:

  • Hi @what_a_tado,

    I note that Tado have information streams apart from their press releases which include Twitter, but I believe it would be good to have some distilled short information releases that are designed specifically for the Tado customer who would like to keep updated on ALL significant Tado developments in one place - including the more technical aspects such as confirmed firmware and hardware changes - where possible. I appreciate that some firmware changes may be for things that are destined never to get implemented or may be a beta step.