Changing the maximum flow temperature myself


Initial problem:

Hello, i have a Ferroli Bluehelix PRO 32C heating central. I use tado for 3 years now. After last update of Tado APP to version 6.0.2 (9826) i found following bug. I limit maximum temperature of heating using heating buttons on my boiler to 55C. After this update, maximum flow temperature is reseting constantly to 80C. It was working fine, before app update. Also i have checked, if i disconnect Tado extension wired to my boiler, problem doesn't repeat. Please check on this bug, i don't want my system to work on maximum temperature, i need to limit it to 55C.

After contacting support, they managed to set up the flow temperature which i need, but in cold days i am willing to rise the temperature myself, and i cannot do it :( It would be great if you add feature to app to adjust maximum flow temperature by myself.

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