Stronger TRV mounts

My Tado TRVs have only been installed 6 or 7 months but I’ve just found one of them has come off because the plastic lug that locks the mount to the body has cracked and is broken.

It strikes me that the plastic part of the mount is a weak point in the design and appears to be the one bit that, if broken, prevents the entire TRV from working properly.

It would be better if the base of the mount was made of metal rather than plastic.
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  • Jurian

    @adeward Thanks for your suggestion. If you want to have stronger mounts, we suggest that you look into getting a metal adapter.

    We will never be able to supply a set of 6 metal adapters ourselves because the production costs of our products would skyrocket.

    Example look for "Danfoss RA Adatper Metal" on google, and buy one of those (alternatively, M28 adapter metal, or RAV adapter metal)

    Nearly all adapters are available in a metal version online.