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Whole House Override from main thermostat


HI, I'm new here, I did a quick search but couldn't find anything.

We have an issue in our house which is that I love smart home tech but my fiancee hates it. We have a tado thermostat in the hallway with radiator ones in every room. Our house is quite drafty and cold and sometimes we just need to override the schedule completely but don't always have phones etc to hand.

I noticed the new boost home feature in app which is fantastic, however I wondered if people who have tado thermostats across the whole home could have the option to use the main thermostat as a boost controller, ie if you turn up the heat there it does every device in the house, or maybe even ones you specify in app?

Seems silly that for us the main thermostat is nothing more than a bridge and it's a waste. This feature would put an end to most heating related arguments in our house.


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