Newest Huawei Phones without Google Play Services not working on Tado


I have previously had a Huawei phone which worked fine with our Tado system. Having now bought a new Huawei phone it does not.

I am aware of the politics, but it does seem strange that Tado have decided not to produce an App that works with the worlds 3rd most popular mobile phone brand.

I was told rather bluntly that your system wont work anymore and you have no plans to make it work in the future.........that is rather two fingers up at your existing customers isnt it? The best advise she could give was to leave my comment here!

Tado can you please make your system available on Huawei phones as most others have or can you advertise to the world that your system doesn't work with Huawei!

Many thanks............

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  • Berrysg
    edited February 2021
    My partner has same issue I have the p30 lite and it supports Tado but my partner got the p40 Pro and Doenst suipport tado as dosnet have Google. It's a nightmare as my phone always wants to turn heading off cause I'm out and she's home but dosnet know that as she can't get alpp
  • Berrysg
    The only suggestion I have in mean time would be to use the website page and log in and save it to your home screen not the best but works till hopefully it gets released on all Huwaei phones.
  • Jurian
    Jurian | Admin
    edited February 2021

    Thank you for opening this topic.

    Our Product Management team have looked at the Huawei development closely.

    Currently, our app requires the Google Play services in order to function properly. Because newer Huawei phones do not support this it would require considerable effort from our development team to add a 3rd supported app to our inventory. (Next to the normal Apple/Google phone platforms)

    From our internal study, this was the conclusion:

    Huawei smartphone market share is currently declining dramatically in Europe. Even other top apps (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Netatmo, Nest, Hive, Philips Hue) are not available in this app store. At this time, we will not make the considerable investment to support the Huawei platform.

    We had already updated this article a long time ago (the last edit was currently a week ago, but the comment about the requirement of google play services has been there for at least half a year)

    We highly suggest buying a phone that supports Google Play Services if you want to use the tado app.