Need a meter for hours heating was on


Living in a block of 8 flats, we all tap on central petrol heating. We get charged by the hours we have heating on.

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In the daily room graph (have only one thermostat) there is no indication of the time heating was actually on, from start of month / from start of day till present. Is something so obviously necessary somewhere I haven't spotted? How can I control what I am charged otherwise?

The three lines:

What further complicates things is the 1-3 lines setting. I have a plain on off status. Nothing variable / nothing digital. Somewhere else in this forum, I found that this one line means 33% of the time the heating is on. Ok, so how much time was it on eventually?

If the above is valid, I am not even sure if it is financially sound. When I need 3 minutes to get hot water running in radiators, small increments may be less efficient. Any views on that?


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  • panlask

    Update: with the 3 lines system, after 2 months use, I can't even get an effective approximation how much time the on/off of the heating system was really ON. There was a slack of 20% form time estimated daily.

    Therefore it's even more imperative to show hours used on a daily and monthly basis.

    So that at least we compare to what we are charged - for the ones that have such a petrol cost allocation.

  • GrilledCheese2

    What’s wrong with the day/month/year graphs in the Care & Protect tab? They give a reasonable view of the hours heating.

  • panlask

    Dear GC2, I am not sure what you talk about.

    It seem there isn't ANY information under this "care & protect" tab, unless I pay for "auto assist".

    Which means that unless you pay, you are even not entitled to have even the most basic information on utilization data? So much worse for Tado, there goes another star out from Amazon!

    OK, so I request through this community to make basic usage duration data appear on the free reports. More elaborate information, charge whatever you wish.

  • Tash
    Brought this up some time ago also. It got no movement at all. It's surly an easy task to supply a parameter for commanded 'On' time for your standard on/off oil burner.