Smart AC readings for Measuring Room Temp/Humidity


Scenario where you have a radiators and AC in room.

The radiator have valve, but readings from valves are way off due simply location

Reading of Smart AC is great, as you can position it on good place.

When you open the Room properties you have the option to choose Measuring Unit,

but the Smart AC is not there.

Please consider adding the Smart AC as measurement device for a Room!

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  • epsilonbg

    No one intrest in using Smart AC controller as measurement device for Rooms?!

  • Bskteria

    I think its more complicated. I don't fully understand to what degree the AC and Thermostat talks to each other. I think they do not "cooperate" and works independently. That is at least my expirience. So using it as a thermostat would require reworking the AI and Im not sure what is the idea of Tado people for development