Changes to the Firmware Update System

Instead of having to contact support to see if an update is available and getting a massive statement about "staged rollouts" and allowing you to "address issues early" - I still think the app should show if updates are available but state that it's rolling out, and then people won't have to contact support to see if there's a new firmware available.

They'll only have to contact support if it hasn't updated in a long time! Maybe also state the date the device was last updated.

Or just allow us to manually update, when looking at individual devices in the app, and have the option to revert to the previous firmware if we encounter any issues. Just limit the amount of users who can be downloading firmware's at once, and have a user queue (people who've requested a firmware, but there's too many people currently downloading) to keep server loads reasonable.

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  • I've used Tado for over a year now, I've not had one instance where I've ever had to worry about what firmware version is running on anything.

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