Can I replace an existing wired thermostat with tado wireless starter kit + extension

I have a honeywell wired thermostat controlling my s-type heating system. I want to replace/bypass it and use a tado wireless thermostat to control the heating with the wireless extension kit controlling the hot water system.

Do I need to buy additional bits to do this?

Do I need to return the wireless tado and buy a wired starter kit instead?

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  • GrilledCheese2
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    Yes, you can replace a wired thermostat with a wireless one. The instructions from Tado may ask you to connect together the wires for the existing thermostat - bridging. You can put the wireless thermostat in the same location or move it to another room. The wireless receiver replaces the programmer.


  • Excellent @GrilledCheese2, thank you very much.

  • Does that answer mean that I don't kneed to do anything to the wired thermostat. I already have the bridge as Phone is connected to control it. If I put a wireless thermostat in the hall can that override tge wired one in the lounge?
  • I think its important to note that to swap a wired thermostat with a wireless one you have to replace the main controller (i.e. the CH/HW on/off timer box that's sometimes in your airing cupboard or near the boiler etc) programmer with a new Tado one, which may be too complicated for some....