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The option to boost an individual room rather than whole house heating sometimes the upstairs is cooler the down stairs and would be good to be able to boost individual room but just now need to boost he house.
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  • samd
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    @Berrysg Hello - You can do this without any changes unless I have not understood your post? App>select room>change target temperature.

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    If you're using a smart assistant (eg. HomeKit), and you've correctly set up your house so that the different rooms are set up correctly with the different levels (upstairs / downstairs), telling Siri to change the temperature upstairs / downstairs would work to change all radiators in that zone only. At least in practice, tado's HomeKit support isn't the greatest.

    Just be aware that HomeKit-issued commands will turn tado into Manual Control, and will not respect your settings set in the Room (manual control, timer, return to next time block). There's no way to exit Manual Control with tado's HomeKit support.

    I override this behaviour using a Homebridge setup and don't rely on tado's HomeKit support at all, because I find this limitation kind of ridiculous for a supposedly "smart" heating system that will never turn off.

  • On the Web page there's an option to boost rooms for a period of time and it turns all rooms up to 25 degrees to heat quicker but only all rooms at once and after time period it goes back to the temp you've set it for good if it's colder than usual and want a quick head in house but sometimes I'm not upstairs but have to use option as is for whole house
  • This option is also available in the beta versions of the tado app on iOS, no need to use the web-app. You can register (if they still have spots available) at

  • The issue here is one of action simplicity.

    Boosting a room's temp by a couple of deg for an hour is an easy concept to grasp and is what Wiser does via the app or the rad valve.

    The Tado way appears to be to either boost all rooms (too expensive and not wanted) or for you to set a room's target temperature. To do that you have to look at the current room temp, and then calculate how warm you want it to be, and then look at the next scheduled change to see if that's too far away and assess if the room's going to be too warm for too long etc. etc. etc. and then if it is, to have to add another time block and then remember to remove it afterwards. Too complicated!

    Yes in theory the increase in temp is possible and arguably it's more accurate, but many (most) folks don't think like that!

    When in a typical one-off situation of "Grandma says she's cold, can we make it warmer for a bit?" folks just want to hit a button to solve it.

    Two and a half years on it's not there in the Android app.

  • @mr_b
    I can achieve what you want by utilising my Alexa......couldn't be any easier tbh
    I can "Boost" any room (or rooms) to any temperature I want for as long as I want.
    As per the Meercat advertisement.....
  • @GrayDav4276 Tx but I don't have Alexa. I've looked at home automation before and it seemed anything but "simples". :-( says that Alexa switches Tado to manual mode, and then you have to remember to activate the smart schedule again. Hmm like that's going to happen!

    It says "So play around to see what works best for you." but I don't want to play around, I want simple controls!

    You can't get much simpler than a single button! ;-)

  • @mr_b

    Obviously, it's your choice on your course of action, but........if you wait for an action from tado° ......then I hope you are a very patient person.

  • mr_b
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    Do they take a long time to add new features to the app?

    Can you point to a "simples" how-to with Alexa?

    How do you return to auto mode afterwards?

  • @mr_b

    To answer your questions

    1. tado° adds new features to the App as and when they see fit......however in general it's not normally "quick" (some features have been requested for years and are still no where near being added - or even being considered by tado°)

    2. I can't point you to a "simples" how-to with Alexa.......firstly, you need to have the Alexa App, then select the tado° skill within Alexa and then use the Alexa "routines" to construct your required sequences.......(this "sounds" difficult, but it's really very easy to achieve) With Alexa Routines @ Alexa voice commands you can control all your thermostats from the comfort of your living room chair. Including a "Boost" feature.

    3. As 2 above.......Alexa commands are "seen" by tado° as a "manual adjustment" within your tado° App "Rooms and Devices" you can set a specific time for all "manual" adjustments.

    This is why I recommend that you " have a play" with your system to discover its limitations/capabilities.

    I am a fan of using Alexa with tado° as it allows you to have a more flexible heating system.