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love tado :) here’s my thinking.

i have blocks in the schedule and sometimes once i know we’re done with a room for the day, i knock down the temp for the current thermostat earlier than it would in the schedule.

it would be great to be able to hit a button for a room to be able to skip on to the next block prematurely.. so once i’m done with a room at 21C for the day, i can nudge it into the nighttime block of 17C without having to manually adjust the temp to 17 on the current block..

this is more of an issue when there are multiple rooms to drop down.

hope that makes sense.

cheers :)
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  • Came here to write a suggestion and can't believe i already suggested it last year haha.

    Skip to Next block would be amazing.. another case use is now i have my office and other rooms set to start warming up for a 9am start, but if i wake up early i need to put the heat up.

    Rather than manually setting the temp close to what the next block temp is.. simply having a skip button would put the current temp (16C) up to my office temp (19C) which is what the next block is defined as.

    Many thanks.

  • hugbilly
    Yes, I think that’s a really good idea, it gets my vote . .