Alexa needs improving (Post attempt 2)


Here's a second attempt at the long suggestion I posted earlier, which was lost, even though it said it was posted. This one will be shorter.

So, the Alexa interface needs to be improved.

Scenario 1: If I turn off a thermostat "Alexa, turn of hallway thermostat".

I can't just say "Set hallway temperature to 21 degrees". I first have to turn on the thermostat. If I want to set the temperature, it should just turn on the thermostat first automatically.

Scenario 2: If I'm leaving

I'd just like to say "Alexa, set away mode for heating". This would allow me switch everything off as I leave. Similarly, "Alexa, set home mode for heating" when I return.

Scenario 3: Name clashes

Sometimes there are problems with name clashes (e.g. with Hue Lights). Sometimes when I've turned off the lights in the living room, the thermostat has gone off too. The commands need to be made more distinct so they don't clash with other devices. Avoid generic names like "living room".

Scenario 4: Restoring scheduled mode

For some reason, it's difficult to reinstate schedule mode via Alexa under certain circumstances. Please could we have "Alexa, turn on heating schedule for living room" command or something similar.

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