Tado as a trigger for routines in Alexa


Hi, I would like to use tado as a trigger for routines in Alexa. My request is similar to what you’ve done in ifttt but this time for Amazon Alexa. Use away/home mode as a trigger for alexa routines. I consider this feature mixed with autoassist geofencing very powerful for routilnes like:

Automatically activating my Home alarm in case I forgot to do so and nobody is at home

Automatically close the blinds, disconnect not only the heating but also hot water recyling pump, and start presence simulation at home.

Thanks for considering my request.

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  • GrilledCheese2

    I believe the issue is with Amazon’s Alexa API for thermostat controllers. There is no option available for thermostat manufacturers to trigger routines. The last time I looked at the Alexa API it was only security products that could trigger routines. Just speculating here, but I think Amazon is intentionally limiting who/what can trigger their routines. Anything not using the voice interface is viewed as a negative.