Notification when heat is turned back on automaticly

There is the feature where you'll get a notification if there's an open window and then you can click the "turn of heat", the heat stays of for a period of time and then on.
My request is a feature that makes it possible to get a notification when the heat then turns on again - so that I know to close windows/the heat isn't going through the roof.

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  • panlask

    I presume that "off duration" is customizable under Settings\Open window detection. So, if you need more time, just modify to what you need.

    If you want also a reminder before this interval expires, this should then be another toggle selection. I would find it irritating to have a second notification, for what should be automatic in the first place anyway.

  • NicoMeister
    edited March 2021
    I just think it would be smart to be able to get a notification when the heat is turned back on, so you actually don't have the window wide open when the heat is on again. Some times i forget to close the window until 5 min after the heat has turned back on. And then the radiator just tries to warm up the room, even though it's impossible for the radiator. It's actually throwing money out of the window...