Thread support for Smart AC Control V3+


Homekit-enabled devices have different communication protocols, each of which has its own caveats. For example, for a device with Wifi support, you need to have a mesh network to cover all your devices at home. Otherwise you will have unstable responses. Furthermore, you are limited to a specific number of connected devices on your network, which might impact your daily internet activity. On the other hand, for a bluetooth device, you have a range/distance limitation. This can be mitigated by adding Homekit hubs in each zone of your home (additional cost that we want to avoid).

It seems that Thread is the future for Homekit. It creates a robust mesh network. The more you add devices (specifically router thread devices), the more robust it will be.

Smart AC Control V3+ is not a battery enabled device. It is the perfect candidate to become a router thread device. With this enabled, we get a more robust network (in my case, I need 6 of this device in different rooms). Furthermore, we increase the coverage for other thread-enabled devices. Finally, thread has a very low response time, which is ideal for any smart device usage.

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  • The Smart AC control is a WiFi device – to my knowledge, it doesn't have a Thread radio in it and therefore can't support Thread.