[Smart Schedule] Add ability for time block to do nothing (currently an action is forced)


Hi there, I recently bought the Tado Smart AC Control V3+.

The purpose of the purchase was to be able to fine-tune the AC temperature throughout the night (while I'm sleeping) by using the smart schedule.

My main problem with the smart schedule is that each time block forces an action on the AC.

This means that if I wanted the first action of Tado to be at 2AM, it cannot be done as Tado is forced to do something at 12AM (because all time blocks start at midnight). This means the overriding of any manual settings at 12AM 😡.

This is a major annoyance and I'd like to have my manual settings untouched till 2AM.

My workaround currently is to use a smart plug, and have it power OFF the Tado at 11:57PM and power ON at 2:00AM.

Please add the ability for a time block to take no action.

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