Graphical display for wireless receiver

It would be really useful to have a graphical display for the wireless receiver (like you get for individual rooms) so that it's really nice and obvious when the boiler was being asked for heat (and by what device too if possible). This could also display connected status (like other devices) which may be useful for troubleshooting in home with complex configurations.

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  • I was thinking the same too. Good suggestion. I would also suggest that there is an option, via the app, to “turn off” the heat (e.g. summer time and I definitely do not want the boiler to turn on) rather than setting each thermostat device to “off”. This would also allow the boiler to be turned off when devices lose connection and can, at strange times, make a call to heat.

  • Yesterday I noticed on the web interface (not the app) you could switch off all devices. However, when I looked today the button wasn't there. 🤔

  • They seem to have disappeared from the webpage over last few days.......???

  • cbd20
    cbd20 ✭✭✭
    @SimonB @SeanG they had been testing this on the web interface as you spotted, and were asking for feedback.

    See here:

    Jurian from Tado recently closed that thread as the feature will be released properly to the apps soon.
  • Good spot, thanks @cbd20!