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Heating Activity report is inflated by TRVs working independently that do not really contribute to extra heating requests.

So, in my current setup I have a set-back temperature overnight across all Zones. However, most of time the heating will only trigger after a few good hours (that's the point of set-back, save on heating, but keep a minimum temperature to fast heating recovery). This is causing the Heating Activity to report 24/7 heating requests. However, this is not case as the boiler will only be on for short spans during the day after the Zones connected to the Zone Controller reach the set temperature.

Any plans to address this scenario?



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  • Dave1986
    Completely agree with this! I made a similar request a few months ago.

    The heating activity needs to show the percentage of possible heating being used else the stat is completely useless. And with the percentage value already used elsewhere in the app you’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to implement 🤷‍♂️
  • Ben329

    I was directed here by support for this very reason.

    I noticed on the heating report that around 20% of my call for heat was coming from our downstairs toilet that's in a poorly insulated part of the house. Now I don't want this room to call for heat (I have around 7 other TRVs in the house that do that) but I would like it to heat to 18 degrees when the heating is on (but not call for heat itself). I thought it would be a simple job of removing it from the zone controller and there you go. Apparently not ....

    So I raise a case with Tado asking whether my toilet is not calling for heat all day every day or if this is an app bug. Turns out it's how the app is designed, and to change I need to raise a feature request here !!

    "It is normal that the heating activity is showed for all rooms. Even if the radiator thermostat is not linked to the heating circuit, it can still keep the radiator valve opened."

    To be perfectly honest, this is ridiculous. I use Tado to try and monitor my heating utilisation and use this graph to track whether changes I make have an impact.