2 Studios with one heating system

I hope you experts can help me because after informing at customer support, I got nowhere.

We are building 2 separate studios with one radiator in each studio which I would like to heat separately from one boiler. This means I have the option using wired thermostat(s).

The question I have is if the following is possible:

- A wired thermostat with a smart radiator thermostat in one studio
- A wireless temperature sensor and a radiator thermostat in the second studio.

Does the wireless temperature controller talk to the boiler via the wired thermostat? If so, I believe this would be cheaper then getting the wireless thermostat with the wireless receiver but I don't know if I am correct.

Thank you in advance!


  • Yes, your proposed devices should work if you want a single system to control both studios. The wired thermostat will be the zone controller that is wired to the boiler and calls for heat. It will also be the temperature sensor for its studio. In the second studio the wireless temperature sensor will pair with the TRV and call for heat from the zone controller.

    Is it your intention to have a single internet bridge for both studios? Which means the heating in both studios will be active even when only one is occupied.

    Are these studios close to each other? The wireless range of the devices is only about 10m.

  • Mike2002
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    Yes the studios are close to eachother, only a wall is dividing them so distance should not be an issue.

    But the intention is to have 2 independent controllers for the studios. That is why I thought the wired thermostat would control the temperature in the one studio (and open the radiator if heat was requested) and the wireless temperature sensor (looks like the same device?) would control the heat in the other studio by asking for heat via the thermostat and opening the radiator in the associated studio...

    By reading your reply, this is not possible in the sketched setup. So what would be the solution?

  • Each home/account requires an internet bridge to connect the home to the cloud. For your two studios to work independently with their own geofencing control will require two internet bridges and two zone controllers. The problem is the Tado app can only support one home/account at a time. With a single phone you can log out of one account and log into another, but you cannot geofence both homes at the same time, or even control the room temperature at the same time.

    Some customers have requested geofencing on a per thermostat basis, but still using one account and one zone controller. So you could have smart phone A operating thermostat A, and smart phone B operating thermostat B. At the moment there is no indication that these features will be implemented.

    These links may explain the issues with multiple homes and individual geofencing better than I can in a couple of paragraphs.

  • Thanks for your explanation but I think we are making it to difficult now.

    Dont think of them as separate studios. Back to basic: I have 2 rooms, with a radiator each, which I want to control independently with a wall mounted "thermostat" in each room.

    That is it. I don't care about other functions except for the one which allows me to control the temperature from the app for both rooms.
  • Take a look at section 3 setup A. I think that best describes what you want, but with fewer rooms/radiators. The top room in the diagram does not show a wireless temperature sensor, but you can add one to improve temp measurements.

  • So if i get this wired starterpack with an additional temperature sensor for the second studio it would all be set up? The temperature sensor regulates the heat demand via the wired thermostat and they both regulate their specific radiators?
  • You would need:

    A) Wired starter kit

    B) 2 radiator valves

    C) Wireless temperature sensor

    The wired thermostat will be the zone controller and only device to switch the boiler on/off. The wired thermostat will also be the temperature sensor for one TRV. The wireless temperature sensor will be the temperature sensor for the second TRV. Both TRVs are linked to the zone controller and will command it to operate the boiler.

    If I was setting up this system I would install the internet bridge and wired thermostat first. Before adding the other devices check the app, wired thermostat and boiler are working properly. Next add the two TRVs and verify that you have independent control of the radiators. Finally add the wireless temperature sensor to the system.

  • Yes perfect, that is what I thought.

    One thing left to ask, what if the thermostat is set for 15 and the temperature sensor for 20, while the temperature is 18 degrees. Will the boiler kick in to get the temperature sensor room up to temperature?
  • As long as both TRVs are assigned to the zone controller the boiler will switch on to raise the temperature of one room from 18°C to 20°C. The room with the wired thermostat set to 15°C will not heat up because the TRV will keep the radiator valve closed.

  • Thank you for your time, I will do it as mentioned above :)

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