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Why US English used instead of UK English?

Why is US English is currently more acceptable to use both in Europe and wide community than UK English?
Surely English or the queen’s English should be more appropriate to use than non original and corrupted English that the US use. Imagine France or Spain having Canadian French or Peruvian Spanish used instead of the original based language.
Please Tado replace the US English with UK English as standard language.
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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @Ddraigcoch Hi - I must say that it doesn't bother me that much and you only have to turn on the TV or radio and 'transatlanticisms' abound so it's not just this site. Bottom of the pile (of changes needed) for me but I respect your position.

  • Hi @Ddraigcoch,

    If you are talking about the forum then my language is set to English (en-GB).

    I presume it is using the language setting of your PC/Laptop/Phone.