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Room exit time (opposite of Early Start)

Just thought I'd throw this idea out there..

Just like the early start feature (which I know doesn't work well) that heats a room for a set time.. I would like to set an exit time to turn off the heating before I leave a room to save energy.

I used to set my lounge temperature to 21oC until 12am which is exactly when I retire to bed. Using the Tado temperature graph I noticed that the room retained the temperature for some time after I left the room so this seemed like a waste of energy. I adjusted the heating turn off time to an 1 hour before I retire to bed to save gas but still maintaining a similar comfort level.

Tado could easily learn how long it takes for a room to lose heat to automatically work out when to turn off heating according to a room exit time.

I understand this can be affected by many factors like outdoor temperature but from what I understand Tado already takes this into account.

I also understand that this can be done manually by scheduling increments of decreasing temperature to get similar behavior but I think it would be good to take advantage of Tado's clever algorithm to automate this
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  • tadouser1000
    edited March 2021
    How about Early Stop for a catchy name for this feature :smile:

    You're welcome Tado!