Don't completely disable a room from remote control because 1 device has fallen over.


I searched but failed to find similar though I suspect it is here somewhere.....

In a room where there are multiple tado devices (my open plan ground floor has 1 thermostat and 3 trvs) if one device becomes disconnected the entire room is impossible to access. This seems mad.

I can't find out the current temperature despite in my case the room having 3 sensors.

You can't activate or turn off the remaining working devices

You can't even leave an instruction which will be enacted when the missing device comes back online.

If the room has disconnected devices but at least one still working I think the UI should a different 'partly active' icon, a temperature if available (even from a trv if the remote thermostat is down) and still take instructions (with a warning that they can't be acted upon yet or might only partly work.

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    I get this problem quite often. It doesn’t make sense to knock out the entire room!