Disable open window detection when heating switched off

The tado° app currently provides notification of open windows, even if all Smart Thermostats / Smart Radiator Thermostats are set to Frost Protection. This is clearly pointless, and just annoying. It would be better to only provide the open window notification when the thermostats are set to a temperature that might actually enable the heating.

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  • Jakosaur
    Jakosaur ✭✭✭
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    Yeah, sending a notification is very pointless when that room is turned off.

    Don't think disabling OWD out-right would be the answer as Air Comfort uses that data, but as you say just disable notifications for OWD if that room is turned off. Keep the back end of OWD working, just disable notifications if that room is turned off / frost protection! 🙂👍

  • Would be a +1 from me also

  • Personally I can't see the point in this, if the heating is off, who cares if open window is detected as there is nothing to turn off.

  • Jakosaur
    Jakosaur ✭✭✭
    edited June 2019

    I think it’s the fact people don’t need want notification spam, when that room is turned off. Applicable to people who aren’t paying the subscription so get notifications about OWD. In the summer for example, people wouldn’t want these notifications when their heating system is turned off.

  • Ah, I got in early so don't have to pay subscription :)

    Anyway, the easy fix is pay the subscription? :D

  • No, the subscription is a rip off that isn't mentioned until after purchase. The solution is for Tado to correct this pointless notification spam.
  • Jakosaur
    Jakosaur ✭✭✭
    The solution is just to disable OWD notifications if that room/device is turned off. I don’t have to pay the subscription, but for those customers this is a solution that needs to be implemented ASAP!
  • We paid more for the purchase of the V3+ but got less option, and to obtain these options we have to pay a subscription!

    Steven, you said you can't see why it's a problem, my heating is off, my doors/windows are open, I've had at least 5 notifications so far today. It is slightly annoying.
  • Northerner
    edited November 2019

    Have to say OWD could be useful for unattended properties and caravans, could indicate that someone has entered or a windows has been broken, or that a gale has blown the roof off!

  • +1 on this issue. It is 2.5 years later and still not fixed. (imo a bug) :(