All off for X time or until hh:mm


I love the new "All off" or "boost heating" buttons.

It would be great to be able to add a time to these features. For example:

  • All off until 20h00
  • All off for 3 hours
  • All off until 10.04.2021 @ 8h00

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  • Tucker3738
    Ditto. Would love this feature. Keep forgetting to switch back on later in day. And can't be bothered to go into each radiator stat to amend schedule or switch off.
  • stooby

    I posted something similar before I saw this post ( For me, this is exactly what is needed (option 3) for my use case ie. being away for varying lengths of time. The ability to set a date/ time in the future to turn the heating back on as, whilst the new global off control is good, 12 hours maximum is nowhere enough particularly when you go on holiday etc

  • WillJ
    Yes this would be a great addition.