Timed off period

Following the easing of lockdown, we have been lucky enough to get away for a few days. The system went into away mode as expected but I noticed that the heating was coming on to maintain the lower away temperature - I don't like it too cold under normal circumstances. I didn't want to heat the house at all while we were away so switched it off. However, I have to remember to switch it back on to be warmed up for when we get home as there is no ability to time the off period. I could just turn down the away temperature but that would need doing for the 4 thermostats and would need restoring back. Further, because the house would drop quite cold, it would need longer to heat up which wouldn't be enough with the geofence. The ability to set the off period for many hours/ days would be really good particularly when on holiday etc in my view.
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  • stooby
    Eratta: you can time the off period but only for a maximum of 12 hours. Not much use if you are on holiday in my view. Given it already exists it should be a simple affair to increase the delay available?