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Being of a generation who were not brought up with smartphone technology my wife refuses to use a smartphone and therefore the Tado app. She often uses the room thermostat to increase the room temperature in the evening and I then wake up in the night 'on boil' because the system does not revert back to it's preset schedule but continues to maintain the manually set temperature. I do feel the system could be improved by having the system revert back to preset temperatures when the next scheduling point is reached or at least having the option to choose to do this by an app setting or possibly improved functionality of the room thermostat with an extra button to 'boost' the system for a limited time. It would certainly improve the quality of my life or at the very least the quality of my sleep. Not only do I now have to remember to make the cocoa, turn on the electric blanket, feed the cats but now check the Tado app for revert to schedule! Life was so simple back in the day! 😂

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  • Already supported in the app. Set the Manual Control option to “Until next automatic change”.

  • Buster

    It's all very well for you two @GrilledCheese2 and @GrayDav4276 but where do I find the relevant 'switch' in the app and what is an SRT? Sorry to be a pain but this is my first foray into smartphone app control.

  • Click on Settings -> Rooms & Devices and then click on the room name, not the device name. You will see the settings for for the selected room where you can edit the manual control setting. You will need to repeat this step for each room.

  • Buster

    Excellent, thank you GrilledCheese2, very helpful.

  • Note that this is broken when the schedules are set to off. Defaults to infinite time (at least for me).

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    You can always change your wife 😂