Please implement the possibility of disabled the three LED lights of the internet bridge


Hi Everyone,

the Tado internet bridge has three very bright LED lights.

I would like to have the possibility to disable those LED lights please.

A configuration as described below could be useful for all users:

by default, after booting, the LED's are also on but in the app and/or the web portal you can choose to disable them.

Note: I can not hide the bridge in a closet/drawer because it already looses connection to some devices sometimes due to the walls/bricks/distance

Thank you.

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  • @GrayDav4276

    must say I miss the added value of your comment, looks like you are missing the point somehow...

    My proposal is to have the possibility to enable/disable them so everybody can have a free choice:

    You want them on, you can choose ON

    I want them of, I can choose OFF

    With my proposal we are both happy.

    Yes, they serve a purpose, and 99,99999% you do not look at these LED's because it just works. Unless you are constantly looking at your Tado Internet Bridge.

    That is exactly why I typed: by default, after booting, they can be on. That's when you need them...

    The majority of my devices at home already offer the possibility to disable LED's. It's what they call being service minded.

    Taping over LED's = ugly and unefficient. Why let a LED burn, waste energy on it, and than buy ugly tape to tape them over.

    Adding the possibility to disable them: efficient.

    You can always vote against my proposal to give people a free choice to select their personal preferences, no problem.

  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    I agree - it would be a bad idea to switch them off. My bridge sits 23" in front of me and 2" below eye height at the rear of my desk. The lights are not bright and do not disturb even at night time. But, as said, we are all different and have different needs.

  • To be honest this is an issue with a lot of electronic devices. I don't think I've ever found the power LED on my set top box useful, yet it's on constantly. Yes power consumption is minscule but on a global scale it seems a waste
  • hugbilly
    hugbilly ✭✭✭

    I think being able to turn off the Bridge LEDs is an excellent idea. My TalkTalk router has that facility and is set so that after boot up the status LED extinguishes. It's an easy matter to re-enable it from the router set up page . . .

  • MarkC
    MarkC ✭✭
    @Windjuh, a little bit of white pvc electrical tape stuck over the leds will do the trick, will reduce the glare but can still see them and the bridge status.
  • Unbelievable how many people miss the common sense of things...

    I did some research on the web: about 1% of energy in an average household gets wasted on standby modes and standby indicators. Next I searched for "how many nuclear plants in the world" and as result I got 440 nuclear power plants in the world. So 1% of 440 equals 4,4 power plants for things like standby indicators and status led's... And still people are suggesting to run 4,4 nuclear power plants and tape over the LED's consuming the energy of those 4,4 nuclear power plants.

    @Everybody-suggesting-taping-over-LED's: thank you but most probably I can think about that kind of 'advise' myself. I don't want to tape them over: it is ugly and not smart (see first paragraph please)

    Kind request to stop suggesting taping over LED's 🙂

    (and no, I am not an environmental guy riding only his bicycle. I drive a car on petrol because it has a point: getting me somewhere. To everybody now who is going to type they constantly watch their Tado status lights because they are so usefull: great, good for you, with my suggestion you can still leave them on, and I together with the other people who would like to switch them of can switch them of)

  • rafm5
    rafm5 Volunteer Moderator

    Can not be that difficult to implement as almost every router or a network equipment allow to disable the LED light.

  • MarkC
    MarkC ✭✭
    @Windjuh i haven’t missed the common sense of things, just know that tado are very slow in implementing user suggestions, child lock and global on/off to name just 2 of the recent updates taking well over 3 years. Tapping over the leds is just a stop gap until such time you are able to turn them off, though I think that idea will be at the bottom of the pile for a long time to come, so I guess you will have to put up with seeing the leds for a while longer!!!
  • How can I turn off the LED of my Tado internetbridge?

    While I can do this with my router....

  • Alby88
    Please implement this feature. LED always on are a real waste of energy and are quite annoying. I have my router in a bedroom.
  • XKRMonkey
    XKRMonkey ✭✭✭
    edited July 2022

    I suspect that at least one of the LEDs (Power) is just hardwired and couldn't be disabled in the current design - Though that doesn't need to be the case in future iterations of the design.

    As a general point though, I agree that these kind of things are entirely personal taste, and however trivial they seem, it's a simple step to enable a High/Low/Off option for these kind of LEDs and more and more we see product designers providing such settings, or indicators that can be activated for a short period as a status check before turning off again.

    @Rob, on the assumption that the Hub hardware design is being reviewed as part of the Gen 4 release, perhaps this could be fed back to the designer for review and potential inclusion in the next gen hardware.

    @Windjuh in the meantime you could always get some white tape to stick over the li...... 😜

  • I ended up here because I also really want to be able to switch off the leds. The bridge is in my bedroom, connected to a mesh node. It is sitting next to an IKEA Simfonisk speaker. Both the speaker and the node allow me to switch off their power leds in the associated app. If Tado’s software is able to make the leds blink, it should be possible to switch them off.
  • Hard to understand that of all people a company dedicated to saving energy would fail to implement this. I also really wonder what is up with those people’s eyesight who say the leds aren’t bright. In any case, I really hope Tado does something about it. In any case I guess I’ll have to indeed use tape…
  • davidlyall

    I'd go for this just to save a little more energy and also for the people who have to have the bridge in a visible location. I also have Sonos at home and they offer the ability to disable the white power on LED

    It "should" be relatively straightforward to implement. A quick press of the pair button could show the status at a glance if required.

    I'd also suggest replacing the 3 white LEDs with one red/green LED to give the following 3 status.

    Red - Power on but no internet or cloud connectivity

    Amber - Power and internet but no cloud

    Green - Power with internet and cloud

    This would potentially make the bridge slightly cheaper to produce. Perhaps an option for the next version ...

  • jamese8

    three small round sticky things solves problem You can buy them easily at stationers. Often used on wall calendars. they even come if different colours so can set different colours for different LED's! easy and a great dimming solution...

  • carlodpl
    This feature should be present from day 1. It’s a must in my opinion.
  • Do any of these requested features get implemented.. this seems quite basic and quite a common thing you can do on a number of modern devices. The choice of a white led as well is an odd choice, red is normally the go to colour for a reason with it being less harsh on the eyes (although colour would be slightly irrelevant if they could be turned off)
  • But this is such an easy win for them. Currently using black electrical tape to cover the LEDs. :(

  • It's been disappointing to see that this feature hasn't been implemented yet. I will also cover the LEDs with electrical tape.

  • I totally love the nuclear power plant comment.

    Genius. Simplistic.

    "Oh, it's only 1%..." I might hear said...

    But 1% Globally in terms of energy is huge!