[Device] provide main error code detection (and alerts) for Bosch/BUDERUS EMS-BUS


I have a Buderus logamax plus gb162-35 v3 boiler with RC300 module. The boiler communicates with the EMS-BUS (Bosh & Buderus) which equips many boilers and customers.

If the boiler loses pressure, Tado does not detect it and does not warn me. I would like to point out that I have to deal with the loss of pressure with my heating engineer. Here, I am talking about the problem of communicating the failure to TADO.

I activated the auto assist to try and as it is not useful to me as it is, I deactivated it.

So I propose a NEW FUNCTIONALITY: *** It would seem to me relatively "simple" for Tado to integrate the main EMS-BUS error/problem codes (pressure too low/high; etc) to report them to the customer. ***

Indeed, we are not talking about a complex algorithm of problem detection. It is about receiving a list of (main) error codes, and alerting the customer.

If this feature is deemed useful, I can select error codes to integrate.


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