Be able to set max outgoing water heating temperature in central heating (CV)

In the Netherlands most people have a central gas heater which pomps hot water around in the house through floors, radiators or convectors, also called in Dutch: CV installatie.

What I cannot do with Tado is adjust the outgoing hot water temperature of this central heater, via an OpenThem connection, but I cannot adjust the outgoing maximum hot water temperature for the heating system itself. It's only possible by hand on the unit itself.

With API support and a kind of smart schedule connected to outside temperature or cooldown rate from the house or a room is the indication that heater temp needs to be higher or can be lowered.

So that in spring and autumn I can set it to 60gr and in the winter to 70 or 75 degrees for example. In the summer the heating is not used.

Will save additional gas usage and € of course.

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