Be able to set max outgoing water heating temperature in central heating (CV)


In the Netherlands most people have a central gas heater which pomps hot water around in the house through floors, radiators or convectors, also called in Dutch: CV installatie.

What I cannot do with Tado is adjust the outgoing hot water temperature of this central heater, via an OpenThem connection, but I cannot adjust the outgoing maximum hot water temperature for the heating system itself. It's only possible by hand on the unit itself.

With API support and a kind of smart schedule connected to outside temperature or cooldown rate from the house or a room is the indication that heater temp needs to be higher or can be lowered.

So that in spring and autumn I can set it to 60gr and in the winter to 70 or 75 degrees for example. In the summer the heating is not used.

Will save additional gas usage and € of course.

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  • lenny72
    edited September 2021

    I would also love this feature. That you can set a max water heating temperature in the app, like the slider of the boiler water temperature or a just a setting in the app.

    Actually the main reason that I bought a Tado thermostat is the supported modulation function for most central heaters. Though I find it really cool that I can see the modulation history, based on the grey scales in the graph data!

  • Same for me. It's important to be able to set the max heater cv heating temperature. I'm also not able to adjust the temperature by hand on the heater, because it's always overwritten by Tado.

    I had to sent a e0mail to Tado support to adjust the max temperature.

    Why not make the max heater temp adjustable in the app, similar to the max hot water tap?

  • Depending on the brand/model that you have, there is a workaround for this.

    I have a Vaillant Ecotec. I looked up the service manual and after entering a password, you can modify certain parameters.

    I was able to change this hard limit from 75 degrees to 55.

    This setting limits the manual button on the CV and the openterm maximum outgoing temperature.

    But you have to experiment with this because this way you limit the power that your radiators put out...

    Hope this Helps.