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Heat differences in a room with more than 1 radiator


I have a big living room with 4 radiators installed in different parts of the room and 1 smart thermostate.

The temperature difference in different parts of the zone could be as big as 2-3 degrees but the smart thermostate is in a hotter part of the room.

I would like to adjust the smart radiator thermostates offset seperately so that the room have even temperature in different parts of the room.

Looks like this is not possible as of now as the temperature measuring device can be only 1 and we can't adjust the offset's seperately to mitigate the difference.

Can you add temperature offset feature for smart radiator thermostats seperately for big rooms.

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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @MED As a temporary work around, you could have Lounge 1 and Lounge 2 as 2 'pretend'! rooms. Their schedules would be the same and you would not have to bother with offset which does not work fully.

  • @MED If the temperature variation is due to the radiators heating at different rates then you should balance the radiators to give even heat output. If the temperature difference is due to sunshine heating some parts of the room then you should follow the advice from samd and split the room into two logical rooms.

  • MED

    @samd @GrilledCheese2 looks like the proposal Samd made is the right way to handle this (although I would still like to be able to adjust the offset by radiator, with that I wouldn't need a seperate room setup within the same room)