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I've got quite a large Tado heating system installed on everything in my home. I've just got an Apple Watch. I get the notification when I leave home on the watch. However, I can't switch to away mode from the watch. This would be very useful (and also to be able to switch back to home mode).

You definitely need to write an apple watch app.

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  • gearhunter
    This is a must, I’m surprised there isn’t already an Apple Watch app for this.
  • coupon2deal

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  • jamess109

    I agree it would be fantastic to have more integration with the watch app other then notifications/Siri/limited HomeKit support

  • Rishi

    Not really what you want - but you can do this using IFTTT and the IFTTT Apple Watch App

  • pxlkid

    This definitely needs to happen! It’s the only negative I could put against Tado° otherwise I love this system.

  • DThijs

    Agree. Apple watch app with at least a functionality to detect when leaving home would be a welcome addition.

  • Kennokent

    I agree, Apple Watch app a must……….please TADO

  • wbjohn
    If you have an Apple Watch it’s likely you have an iPhone. In Home app create some scenes ie all off; upstairs on only; all on set temp etc . Set them as favourites, then on your Apple Watch select Home app and favourites. You can then select your scenes.
  • maaalin

    I just released an inofficial watch app called HeetWatch.

    Aircon and hot water is not supported (yet), but I am having a look!