dynamic offset to cure TRV inaccuracy


It's well known that TRVs are accurate for room temperature when the radiator is off, but inaccurate when the radiator is on.

I'd like Tado to implement a feature where the user can set a dynamic offset, such that when the radiator is on the room temperature is offset by -9/+9 degrees. Should minimise the TRV temp problem.


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  • samd
    samd ✭✭✭

    @simonUK Sensible suggestion but for accuracy across the range of temperatures on heat (!) would it not be preferable to advocate a percentage offset rather than degrees? This is how SensorPush and similar retain accuracy post calibration.

  • Kestral1
    Well they need to do somthing, whatever it is, because without the wireless sensor the readings are inacurate, especiallly when fitted vertically.