sleep at night with windows open - skip frost protection

Here in the UK overnight temperatures are often 1-2 degrees C, and I like to sleep with the bedroom window open. I suspect this fools Tado into turning on the smart TRV controlled radiator directly under my bedroom window.

I'd like the 5C Frost Protection to a user definable number on a per-room basis or per device basis, so I can sleep with the window open at night and not have the radiator running. I do NOT subscribe to the extra Tado feature of sensing open windows leading to turned off radiators.


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  • I understand the "Window open" sensor function - I presume it simply detects temperature drop at the TRV - can be deactivated on a room-by-room basis.
    I am adding to this thread as I have an "inversion" of this problem, but the solution should be similar: I have lived in an area where sharp temperature drops occur in winter (I have seen zero degrees go to -23°C in a couple of hours), so waiting for the room temperature to reach 5°C might be a bit late for reaction. If it was possible to set one's own frost-point, then problems might be avoided.
  • I would also like to see the frost protection to be configurable. The ability to switch it off would be a good starting point.