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Here in the UK overnight temperatures are often 1-2 degrees C, and I like to sleep with the bedroom window open. I suspect this fools Tado into turning on the smart TRV controlled radiator directly under my bedroom window.

I'd like the 5C Frost Protection to a user definable number on a per-room basis or per device basis, so I can sleep with the window open at night and not have the radiator running. I do NOT subscribe to the extra Tado feature of sensing open windows leading to turned off radiators.


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  • I understand the "Window open" sensor function - I presume it simply detects temperature drop at the TRV - can be deactivated on a room-by-room basis.
    I am adding to this thread as I have an "inversion" of this problem, but the solution should be similar: I have lived in an area where sharp temperature drops occur in winter (I have seen zero degrees go to -23°C in a couple of hours), so waiting for the room temperature to reach 5°C might be a bit late for reaction. If it was possible to set one's own frost-point, then problems might be avoided.
  • I would also like to see the frost protection to be configurable. The ability to switch it off would be a good starting point.

  • Any updates on this question please?

    I have recently added Tado to my house but already I have noticed that my conservatory temperature sensor fires up my boiler overnight when the temperature drops below 5 degrees. I understand the intention to prevent freezing and damage but I am confident that I won't have a problem as in previous winters its not been an issue. The old TRV's were also set to frost protection but never fired up the boiler as the heating programmer was set to off overnight. Nothing ever froze. It looks like I will be buying more gas, not less as intended, if I can't sort this out.

    I also sleep with bedroom windows open and definitely do not want the bedroom radiators on at night.

    As a temporary solution, I have increased the temperature offset by 5 degrees in all rooms and increased the temperature set points accordingly but this is an inelegant and potentially confusing solution.

    Really, I just want the option to turn frost protection off. In a very cold snap I would turn it back on myself.

    Anybody got any solutions please?

  • NeilJones
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    Exactly the same situation as @steviebill above. I have a Tado° TRV on my conservatory radiator (which has never had problems in the past being unheated). When the temperature in there drops below 5c, frost protection kicks in which I don't really need in there. Furthermore, although the rest of my house is fitted with Tado° TRVs, I have towel rails in two bathrooms which don't even have 'dumb' TRVs, so not only am I heating the conservatory through most of the day and night, but also the bathrooms. The ensuite was actually 29c yesterday lunchtime, though that was partly down to the sun shining directly through the window.

    If I could disable the frost setting in the conservatory, I wouldn't also be unnecessarily heating my towel rails all night long when heating across the rest of the house was off.

  • rafm5
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    Out of curiosity, how did other manufacturers resolve this?

  • @NeilJones i know it’s not a solution that may satisfy your overall desire but you could change the TRV in the conservatory to not be associated with your zone controller. This way the TRV will open at 5c but it won’t call for heat. The radiator, however, will start to heat if you have any other TRVs open that are part of the zone controller and have made a call for heat.

    So if it’s only your conservatory that gets cold enough over night the boiler won’t kick in.. which means your dumb rads won’t heat either 👍