Improvements to the Wireless Receiver / Programmer Cover


In the UK, many modern houses have the programmer / controller in an easily accessible place and it is not uncommon to find them on the kitchen wall about 20cm or so above a kitchen worktop. They are therefore potentially at risk of splash or dirt ingress. Many of these controllers / programmers have the cables coming in through the rear of the unit rather than externally on the wall surface. In the UK, it is recommended to try to use IP20 spec items on kitchen walls.

The current Tado Programmer cover has two cable entry holes on the bottom which is great where cables are surface mounted but they pose dirt, dust, and splash ingress points.

My idea is to suggest altering the Programmer Cover so that the bottom of the unit's cover is one solid piece, but with "breakout" points that can be snapped out if an installer / customer needs to allow a surface mounted cable into the unit.

This would make the unit safer, reduce the risk of dust, dirt, or water splash ingress for installations in kitchens and utility rooms, while allowing external cable entry for those installations that need it.

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