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There are two things I would like access to from Hubitat and/or Alexa. Preferably Hubitat.

1.Home or Away settings, both to change and monitor

2.Device calling for heat from boiler.

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  • 281HR
    edited January 30
    Please add home and away toggle to Alexa routines so that I can trigger from my car earlier or later than the geofence is set for.
  • 281HR
    Also could we start boost for a set time requested time via Alexa and for the whole house.? Up to an hour would be helpful
  • GrayDav4276
    You can set up your own routines in your Alexa App to do exactly what you want without a "toggle" being added to Alexa....By the way, tado can't add a routine to Alexa.
    I have various routines set up in my Alexa App that I can activate with a voice command. I use my Alexa with tado a lot.