Outdoor sensor

outdoor sensor to track the outside temperature/humidity to help improve the weather adaptation
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  • spennis
    Agree. Until then / in addition to that, I would like to see the outdoor temperature (as reported by a weather service) on the top of the home screen as it would make it much easier to assess whether the indoor temperature reported by my smart radiator thermostats are reasonable. For example, if I want to cool down my home, does it make sense to open the window or not? The app should tell me, preferably let me know with a notification even.
  • rafm5
    rafm5 ✭✭✭
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    @djh1997 @spennis

    To me all these 'smart' features are hax. They only sound smart, but in reality their performance can't be proven. Tado° wired thermostat works great, but additional 'smart' features are questionable.

    My device tells me that my savings with Tado° is 100% (but it is currently disabled, not used, switched off) but if I subscribe to Auto-Assist I will save in average 1.5 times (over 100% ?) as much! xD

    When it comes to automation and additional devices, sensors etc. I recommend looking somewhere else. Try Xiaomi or Aqara devices. Cheap as chips and work on Zigbee 3.0.

  • With the current very warm outside temperatures, I would like the Tado App to give me a warning when the outside temperature is exceeding the room temperatures, so I can close my windows and keep the heat outside....

  • WilfH
    Agreed. It would be useful to see the true outside temperature outside my home in the Tado app.

    It may well be possible to use different sensors for this but for pure convenience a weatherproof sensor from Tado would fit the bill nicely. Not everyone wants to spend the time coding with multiple systems and manufacturers to get this sort of info.