Feedback - Room Screen improvements


Not only have we recently lost the ability to manually change the temperature in 0.1 degree increments, but now it seems to take much more work (button presses) to manually set the temperature for each room.

I don't have a previous version of the app to go back to, but I believe we were able to modify the temperature at time period within the one window - as opposed to the new layout which requires an extra button press to get to the slider to adjust the time period (something I'm likely to do every time I set a manual temperature). There is so much room on the phone app window for controls, yet the temperature slider is massive, and you've hidden the time period adjustment away under a sub-menu for seemingly no reason.

In terms of the advertised 'improvements' listed for the Room Screen

  • Manual temperature control - it doesn't feel like this has changed at all
  • Manual control duration - this is made much worse as now hidden away. An improvement could have been to make the slider much longer, to allow more accurate setting of the time using fingers. And also move the display of the time away from the slider to enable seeing it past your finger when using the slider.
  • Resume Schedule button - Maybe better named, but was there not already a functionally equivalent cancel option before??
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  • The new “improvements” have now left me squinting at the screen to see the current room temperature. The font size is way way too small. I don’t consider this an improvement -
  • DaveMaude
    I came here looking for this because I feel like these “improvements” are largely a big step backwards. It feels similar to when we lost the ability to swipe between rooms.

    Do they even consult consumers with some degree of user testing before they choose to make our user experience worse?
  • macladd

    The new screen is awful, I find that the slider is too big, the inside now and humidity are tiny and the current temp setting is off centre. Would not win any design default setting is 10oC - the green colour scheme looks terrible. The whole thing looks like the user interface was a complete afterthought.

  • wbjohn
    Temperature and humidity are too small on room screens, put humidity on home room buttons please
  • Overall I love the system and the app. I think it should be easier to just switch the heat on in a room. I don’t think you should have to click into a room - why not be just able to swipe up on a room square - and only have to click into a room for finer adjustments. Also the charts function could be useful but right now isn’t really as it’s only one day.
  • LMel
    I’ve registered just to be able to give feedback because I hate this ‘improvement’ so much. The slider is massive, and utterly dominates the screen unnecessarily. The resulting font size for temperature, humidity etc is tiny, and impossible to read at a glance and has me reaching for my glasses- when for me this is the most important info/ function of the screen, not the manual control function.
    But worst of all, the new ‘improvement’ seems only to allow you to alter the temperature manually in 0.5 degree steps. What happened to the ability to adjust by 0.1 degree increments? This is now such a blunt tool, it renders it useless and it’s a huge retrograde step; please, please reinstate 0.1 degree functionality….and a screen you can actually read!