Ability to limit/control how much a TRV opens a radiator - control speed/aggressiveness of heating


I've 2 TRV's in a couple of rooms, and in both cases I find that it'd be beneficial to limit the amount that one of the radiators contribute to the heating.

eg. in case of a study, I don't want the radiator right beside me blasting out full heat, roasting me before the whole room heats up.

  • I could remove the TRV from that radiator and turn it off, but defeats the point of having 2 radiators.
  • Alternatively I could split the TRVs into 2 separate 'rooms', but that doesn't prevent Tado from wanting to heat the radiator as fast as possible.

A solution to set a limit as to how much a specific TRV could open, or ability to control how quickly a TRV heats a room could be useful.

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  • GarethM

    per https://community.tado.com/en-gb/discussion/comment/16750#Comment_16750, also beneficial if certain items/pets are near radiators for extended periods of time, where you want to limit how much heat they receive.

  • GarethM

    @GrayDav4276 valid question - but I don't want that radiator to heat at all if the room is already warm enough, or if heat isn't required at that time. I've tried to adjust the other valve to attempt to prevent as much flow through the radiator, but that's hit or miss, and generally turns the radiator off.

  • Rishi

    How about you use the temperature offset option on the Tado thermostat which is closest to where you are sitting. Set it such that the one you are sitting closest to already thinks the temperature is already a bit higher.