Individual Valve Shutoff

The recent introduction of the functionality to shutoff all radiators is very helpful when you are going out and coming back in. An allied additional improvement for homes that suffer from the movement of the sun affecting different rooms throughout the day would be to enable individual valves to be closed/opened as the radiator thermostat is often in a shaded area not truly reflecting the bulk room temperature changes.

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  • Hi @ajdean,
    That's a good idea 💡.....but I suspect that it will be way outside the capabilities of the Tado system.....unfortunately.
  • You can manually turn off individual radiator valves but they automatically turn back on at the next time period, which might be less than an hour away. Can this automatic function be de-activated so that you can choose the correct time to revert to programmed operation.

  • andyblac
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    yes, in the room drag slider to bottom, and look underneath the slider, you should see the option to change time frame, tap on the pencil to edit, you should then see another slider to adjust how long to keep off (time, next schedule. or indefinitely)

  • Thanks, it is just what I was looking for. Works perfectly.