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Dear TADO development,

Im am trying to make my Eneco TOON redundant and have it replaced by TADO, however what I would miss the most would be the Smart Energy Meter readings (day, week, month, Year) both Power and Gas consumption.

This is not a nice to have function if you claim to reduce energy consumption. The saving reports are a nice to have but what counts at the end is the Actual energy consumption! The actual Smart Energy Meter readings!

Is this function somewhere been thought of and/or perhaps already on the drawing board ?

Thanks for youe consideration.



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  • rafm5
    rafm5 Volunteer Moderator

    What are you actually asking for? a separate, standalone device or ability for Tado° devices to connect to your Smart Energy Meter?

    The 2nd option does not sound commercially viable.

  • rafm5
    rafm5 Volunteer Moderator

    See this - just released - 02/09/2021 😆

    tado° brings real-time energy cost visualisation into its app

  • We still need to manually add the consumption linking it automatically like is doing would be a nice add on

  • In general it would be nice to have some way of combining tado with any other related data one might have available. Gas/electricity/water/heat/etc. usage. Local weather conditions. Available 'free' power from solar collectors, home or car battery, waterwheel/hydroelectric dam,
    windmill or the nuclear reactor you've been tinkering with in the shed. Presence of people etc.
    Of course the next step would be for the tado system to actually do something useful with that data, but there's so many options there, one can't expect 'them' to do just the things one wants in the way one would have them done. Better option (again) would be to just turn things around, and have the hobbyist with his (or her) nuclear-shed figure things out themselves and then tell the tado controllers their spouse had them install (because a nuclear power plant running without the covers on in the shed is one thing, but no you can't just hook up an arduino with a relay to the boiler, let alone use a home-brew radiator-knob-turning-gadget, it has to be a 'real' product from the shop) to arrange for radiator-valves to be actuated, and boiler(s) to be fired.

    (These long sentences are probably more fun to write than to read back, but hey, at least they aren't in German)
  • I have an app called loop energy which is able to gather smart meter info from whoever gathers this info for the UK. If they can do it, I think Tado should be able to as well.