Adjust temperature or Boost Heating feature

Boost Heating is useful but the default 25C value is, in my opinion, too high. I would like to be able to change this, eg. To 22C.
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  • So @wollymammoth,
    I assume that you want Tado to make it "user configurable" to allow all users to decide on a max temperature.....because not everyone's setup is the same.
  • Phillip_PAL
    Phillip_PAL ✭✭
    edited November 2022

    25 is just obscene. Should configurable somewhere so you can simply press it on rare occurrences it is required.

    For me it would be simply set all TRVs to 21 if we have elderly visitors rather than having to manually select each room individually which you still have to do with existing button rendering it useless.

    Only use case for it at present is if the boiler is being serviced during summer.

  • @Phillip_PAL

    Or you could just use (for example) an Alexa voice routine ......." Alexa.....Boost Heating" and it will "Boost" your preferred tado° rooms to your required "Boost" temperature for as long as you have set in your tado° "manual activation" feature of your tado° really is that opening of the clicking on any settings.....just using your voice. do need to have Alexa.......luckily I do.