Set the "Follow Me" functionality of my Midea Air Condition from the App



The air condition Midea Silent Cool 26 Pro WF is equipped with a so-called "Follow Me" functionality. Activating the feature via the included remote control or on the device itself makes the AC use the remote control's temperature sensor to measure at the location of the RC.

Tado is not respecting this setting and is always overwriting it whenever it sends a command to the AC.

Expected Behavior

Whenever tado is sending a command to the AC it should also include this setting.

When the feature is turned off on the AC, tado should be able to turn it on.

When the feature is turned on on the AC, tado should be able to turn it off.

Possible Solution

Include the "Follow Me" setting into the command set, as it is shown on the AC's remote - see image attached, the setting reflects in a persons head symbol being shown on the remote's display.

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  • Pillomino

    Here you can see the "Follow Me" symbol on the remote's display.

  • Tcmac
    2023 and I still want this feature