an option operating mode working like a signal generator just like the physical remote control


when I ask Siri to turn on the air conditioner, tado sends out turn-on signal.

when I ask Siri to turn off the air conditioner, tado sends out turn-off signal.

lower, raise the temperature by one degree, two degrees ...

set the air conditioner temp to xx degrees ...

no matter what state tado is in. This mode replaces a physical remote control and acts just like a signal generator ... the mode the same as we use a physical remote control.

Reasons being ... Sometimes family members may use the remote control and tado interchangeably. If a remote control is used to turn the air conditioner on, and use tado to turn it off. The air con is not turned off. I have to use tado to turn it on first and ask tado to turn it off. Then, the air con is turned off. I assume if the state of air is off, if you ask tado to turn off, it will not send signal out.

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  • Haboku
    edited October 2021

    I asked once why they don't add the feature of listening for remote controller signals (it can be done, they use it when "learning" functions from a unidentified device) if the TADO unit is close to the AC, just for syncing states. They told me that that isn't possible, but it a [edit] because TADO sometimes doesn't work as expected. I suppose it's time to move to AQARA P3.