Use Smart AC Control also as a temperature sensor for smart radiator thermostats


I have a room with both AC (controlled by a TADO Smart AC control) and a radiator (with a TADO smart radiator thermostat).

The room is big and the temperature around the radiator in the winter is not what most of us using the room feel. The TADO Smart AC control is instead in a place where temperature can be sampled more accurately. Instead of having to twiddle with the temperature offset in the app or buying a TADO wireless sensor, it would be great to use the temperature sensed by the Smart AC control to control the smart radiator thermostats.

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  • Fully agree with this, you should be able to use the Smart AC Control as a thermostat for the radiator(s) in that room.

    In the room with AC the radiators is in a cover (stupid I know, but the carpet is cut around it so a longer term project to remove) and so the thermostat won't read accurately.