Away Mode (Pet friendly)

The away mode is great, but I a have a cat and maybe it could be great to have an away mode “pet friendly”. Making sure that the house is neither extremly cold or hot so my pet is confy in it.
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  • GrayDav4276
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    edited August 2021
    The "away mode" temperature is set by the user in the that means that you can set it to the temperature that you want.

    Or do you want the system to "realise" that your cat is at home ?? 🤔
    Or do you want 2 options for the "away mode"...
    Option 1 = normal and
    Option 2 = pet friendly
  • The suggestion was more in the way to generate to options. The "normal" and a second one that you can add if you are a pet owner. In case of a cat, they are mostly at home (in a flat), but for dog owners to have the two options could be useful.

    I did not expect the system to detected if a pet was at home, and I am aware that I am the one selecting the temperature via the App.