New hardware product: controller for electric underfloor heating

Please consider adding a new item of hardware to your set of products; a controller for underfloor heating. Such a unit should:

  1. Be able to switch at least 16A.
  2. Have an integrated air temperature sensor.
  3. Have connections for an underfloor temperature probe.
  4. Support operation in 3 modes; air temp only, floor temp only and air temp with floor limit.
  5. Be integrated into the tado ecosystem (of course).

With such a device once could easily integrate electric underfloor heating into a tado system (which is what I really need for my home!).

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  • Agreed.

    You could partially achieve this now using a Smart thermostat in wired mode to switch a contactor that would then switch the high load of your underfloor heating.

    The downside of this is that you'd only get air temp measurement. This is the reason why I've not replaced my Warmup 4ie thermostat with Tado as I use the floor probe