Humidity correction

Discovered a function to set the room temperature correction and would like to have a function to set the a correction for the humidity
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  • GrayDav4276
    Hi @Shio
    Can I ask you something....what will the benefit be in having a correction for the measured humidity of your devices ?? 🤔
  • pfmc
    actually this would be useful, has the smart radiotor controller usually sits in one edge of the room, and you've interest in measuring parameters as if it was in the middle of the room.

    I always do temp correction, and yes humidity makes total sense in terms of advice for the rooms and logging
  • Hi guys, temperature sensor into smart radiator valves are quite disturbed from its physically position (radiator mounted).

    For this reason you suggest us to complete our system with an external smart thermometer in order to fix the problem introducing a temperature offset; ok, well we can do it, or we did it!

    At this point I would like to set an humidity offset or to override the humidity param also.

    Is it possibile to know the Rest endpoint (api) to put humidity?