Maximum Temperature Limit

Hi there, with the increasing cost of fuel , I was thinking that a maximum temperature limit may be of some use that could be set by the account holder in order to prevent "temperature tampering" by anyone not authorised.
This could possibly be built into the app, and hopefully could save money.
Any thoughts !
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  • JwR
    edited October 2021

    I second this one! But not only from the perspective of cost of fuel, I have some teen age girls that seem to think setting their bedroom to a nice, comfortable 23 degrees is a good idea. Of course I can use the child lock, but that creates 'work' for me as they're asking me to put it higher, I'd prefer being able to limit each Smart Radiator Thermometer temperature range to a max (i'd set it to max 21 degrees Celcius for the adolescents....)

  • Dixxie
    I would definitely like to limit the temperature. I have someone in the house who lounges around in T-shirt’s and cranks his heating to the max and I am paying the bills. Really annoys me and a waste of money.
  • I would see this feature also on my app for the thermostat
  • Thermo1A

    Definitely second this - It's so frustrating to be paying the bills and having someone cranking up to 23C while wandering around in a T-shirt. I also don't want to put the child lock on as that can just lead to unease. I'd want to be able to just set an upper limit.

  • GrilledCheese2

    You can use IFTTT to solve this problem. Create an applet for ‘If room temperature exceeds °C then return device to automatic control’.

    It’s a bit of a pain that you need to do this in a separate app, but the advantage is no one else in the home can override the extra level of control. A downside of Tado is the app has no admin account - all users have the same privilege.

  • sad I'm not familiar with ifttt
  • JwR

    Nice tip @GrilledCheese2 will be using that until our Tado friends create this feature :-)

  • Walli67

    I agree that this feature would be very worth while and was shocked that I could not already set it. I need to do better research before buying.

    I'm hoping that this will not take long to introduce as it feels like a minor addition, but one that could save me a lot of money during the fuel crisis.

  • William80
    It's a very easy fix, just set more time slots during the day and the temperature you require, therefore if somebody manually changes the temperature on the wall stat, it will quickly revert back to the one you want at the next time clock setting. So instead of one slot for a whole day, you could have say five....